This savvy Girl Scout just cornered the WeHo cookie market and, honey, we're sold!

This savvy Girl Scout just cornered the WeHo cookie market and, honey, we’re sold!

A man carries ten packets of Girl Scout cookies.
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As any pop star or Real Housewife™ worth their salt knows, cornering the LGBTQ+ market can be a slingshot to success. Gay men make more money on average than their straight counterparts and know how to use it in funnier ways.

Glendale Girl Scout and new pint-sized gay icon Siena have harnessed this potential to some very lucrative results. She began selling her wares in West Hollywood’s LGBT rainbow neighborhood alongside her little sister, their mother, Jenn Levin, and their television producer aunt, Julie LaPlaca (the latter of whom is herself a resident of WeHo).

This quartet of queens, big and small, was greeted by drag queens, hungry bar patrons and open wallets. Siena apparently sells around 100 boxes alone every weekend.

And it looks like she’s having a blast doing it:

You just know that the rest of his troupe is jealous!

“Siena is participating in a cookie sale to raise money to support Girl Scouts and we thought, what better place to sell cookies than in West Hollywood?” Levin tells WeHo Times.

“We were here last weekend,” she recalls. “A guy named Adam said he ate all his boxes. He came back this weekend and said, ‘Are you going to pay for my weight watchers?’ I told him I was a hypnotherapist, so if he ever wants to cut back on sweets, call me.

Although they flood the streets of WeHo with sugar and carbs, they also flood it with smiles.

“I used to dread selling Girl Scout cookies, but the gays made it so much fun that now I’m happy to drive 40 minutes to sell cookies,” Levin says. “We were so excited that drag queen Billy [Francesca] bought the last 4 boxes of Lemon-ups, so mom can come home and relax with a glass of wine.

Siena looks jubilant in her photo with Francesca, who dons a modest zebra print dress. When asked what she thinks of all the drag queens in the area, the petite businesswoman simply replied, “Yeah, kinda expected that here.”

For those looking to buy from our new favorite entrepreneur (or donate cookies!), check out Siena digital cookie site here.

Sales only last until mid-March and scouts are already seeing shortages of certain flavors, so buy them while they last!

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