June Diane Raphael & Paul Scheer Star In ‘A Lot’ CBS Improv Comedy – Deadline

June Diane Raphael & Paul Scheer Star In ‘A Lot’ CBS Improv Comedy – Deadline

EXCLUSIVE: SCS takes an alternative approach to comedy development with A lotan improvisational style multi-camera series featuring June Diane Raphael And Paul Scher. The project comes from Grace and Frankie Creator Marta Kauffman through its Okay Goodnight banner and Lionsgate Television. The project reunites Raphael with Kauffman after his run as a series regular on Grace and Frankiewhich ran on Netflix for seven seasons.

Because of the comedy’s improvisational concept, after hearing the pitch, it was decided to shoot material for CBS executives to see rather than trying to script it through the traditional development process.

The comedy’s proof-of-concept, featuring husband-and-wife actor-comedians Raphael and Scheer, who have a background in improv, has already been filmed under the direction of Alex Fernie, I hear. The footage is set to screen alongside the traditional CBS comedy pilots ordered this season – both multi-camera – a father-son sitcom starring Damon Wayans and Damon Wayans Jr. And jump start, based on the comicfor a pre-pickup review.

Kauffman and Hannah Canter of Okay Goodnight are co-writing the visual development project. The two will serve as executive producers along with Okay Goodnight’s Robbie Tollin, Raphael and Scheer.

A lot is a multi-camera improv comedy about a couple in their late thirties who invest all of their life savings in their biggest business venture yet: building a housing estate on former studio land. But these house swimmers get more than they bargained for when their new project becomes a nightmare.

This marks a departure for CBS which, after years of dominating multi-camera comedy, has begun to branch out with single-camera shows such as hits Young Sheldon And Ghosts. As the networks look for ways to stand out in a crowded space, they are taking risks with new formats and development paths as is the case with CBS and the act, which comes from the co-creator of one of the greatest multi-camera comedies in television history, Friends“Kaufman.

Scheer was recently a series regular on Showtime Black Monday, to which Raphael returned. It is replaced by MGMT Entertainment and UTA; he is with UTA.

In more than seven seasons of Grace and Frankie, Okay Goodnight produced the Sundance Film Festival documentary View Allred.

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