Mom Refuses To Let Daughter Move In After Her Landlord Raised Her Rent — Says She Needs To ‘Take Care Of Herself’

A mum is branded ‘the worst’ after telling her daughter she was not allowed to return to live with her.

Posting to the ‘r/AmItheA–hole’ (AITA) subreddit – a forum where users try to figure out whether or not they got it wrong in an argument that bothered them – she explained that her daughter had moved there. three years with her boyfriend and the two got an apartment.

Due to unforeseen circumstances, however, her 25-year-old daughter has now asked to return to live with her parents.

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Her mother refuses to let her daughter move in after her landlord raised her rent by 40%.

In his Reddit postshe explained that her daughter and her boyfriend had been together for four years before they decided to move in together.

“It wasn’t like she ran away with a guy she just met. We supported her decision, she was old enough and working full time,” she wrote.

However, the rent in the area where they live has gone up and his daughter’s landlord recently increased his rent by more than 40% in the space of three months.

Now she and her boyfriend can no longer continue to live in their apartment.

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