1 of 4 '61 Bentley Continental Gets the EV Treatment

1 of 4 ’61 Bentley Continental Gets the EV Treatment

This ultra-sharp 1961 Bentley Continental S2 you see here is already one of the rarest cars in the world – one of only four such cars built. This one, however, is even rarer than This. It is truly one of a kind, as it is fully electric.

Restored and modified by the EV conversion experts at Lunazthis revitalized luxury coupe ditches the internal combustion engine, mechanical transmission and gas tank of the original cars, replacing it with a lithium-ion battery and a beefy electric motor that produces 530 lb-ft of torque and 405 all-electric power, enough to propel the big Bentley from 0 to 60 MPH in just over 6 secondsin total silence and with levels of smoothness without changing gears.

Managing all that power is handled by a reinforced ladder frame. At the rear of the chassis, the Lunaz crew installed a fully adjustable coil spring suspension with a lever arm shock absorber, as well as four-piston brakes in the rear and a six-piston brake caliper set up to clamp on modern ferrous rotors in the front.

And, while this particular car is likely destined to remain unique, Lunaz can deliver a similar level of skill in design and execution on your other Classic Bentley or Rolls Royce, plus a custom palette of interior and exterior paint, leather, and wood trim choices to suit your tastes. “The Lunaz color palette represents a balanced array of choices, created with full consideration of the form and spirit of the car,” reads the official copy. “We bring beautiful lines to life through a blend of advanced pigment technology and the designer’s conservative eye… The exterior palette is complemented by an extensive library of material and color treatments. A Lunaz n interior It doesn’t have to be specified in traditional leather, indeed we pride ourselves on pioneering new approaches to luxury interior design by unlocking the potential each material has to offer.

If that sounds expensive, you’re right! I haven’t seen any sort of pricing menu to spec your own electric Bentley on the official Lunaz website. But of course, if you have to ask…

story time

1961 Bentley S2 Continental Coupe EV; courtesy Lunaz.

Look, I’m a sucker for ultra-luxury cars that I’ll probably never be able to afford – but I think this particular Bentley has a history that’s objectively interesting, if only because the history of it- this is quite unique vehicle life is so ordinary. Ordinary in the context of “used cars”, that is.

The story of this ultra-rare Continental begins in 1960, when the car’s first owner placed an order for a four-door Rolls-Royce Flying Spur with London coachbuilder James Young. This car was meant to place the luxurious Rolls-Royce body and interior above the performance-oriented rolling chassis of a Bentley. For one or more reasons, that car never materialized – but what the buyer got, instead, was this coupe. One of 4 such cars built by James Young.

Despite its rarity, the hand-built coupe bounced around several owners and across several continents before coming ‘home’ to the UK for its return to former glory – a fact the Lunaz team are proud of. . “The Lunaz solution takes the cars at risk and gives them a new purpose,” says Jon Hilton, Lunaz general manager and technical lead. “Our cars embody the spirit of the original. They are unrivaled in performance and effortless in everyday use. Breathing new life into these timeless masterpieces is vital engineering in the purest sense.

Hats off to Lunaz, then. From where I’m sitting, they absolutely nailed it.

spring | Pictures: Lunaz.


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