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Ice Cube Speaks On Current State Of America

Ice Cube recently answered a few questions from Wall Street‘s Maria Bartiromo on her BIG3 basketball league. Ahead of Season 6 debuting on June 25, the gangsta rap pioneer opened up about plans to sell some of the teams. He couldn’t go into too many details, but he did mention that the league was in negotiations.


“We spoke to team owners, some MLB, NFL,” he said. “We want real bosses, guys who know how to promote sport in their town, a guy who knows the town. Not just a guy, but investors who know the cities and are very active in the cities where they are. It’s part of our overall plan.

Ice Cube was then asked about the current state of the country – which is experiencing a fentanyl epidemic and rampant homelessness in every major city – and whether people should be “worried” that the country is on the wrong track.

“I think they should be [worried],” he said. “The country is very worried right now. Everyone has to do their part. BIG3, we’re going from town to town this year. We’re not in our bubble like we’ve been over the past few years. last two years. We’re going to be traveling all over the country this summer, hoping to make the cities a little better than we found them when we left. That’s our plan. I think that should be everyone’s plan. Everything the world has to look in the mirror and say, ‘What can I do to make things better?’ That’s the only way to change that.”

Ice Cube has been a proponent of sociopolitical change since the early days of the NWA. Decades later, he’s still pushing for action with songs like 2018’s “Arrest The President.” Everything is corrupt. Watch the full clip here.

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