Raven Banner Pulls On 'Trigger' By Philippines Richard Somes - EFM

Raven Banner Pulls On ‘Trigger’ By Philippines Richard Somes – EFM

Action thriller, “To release” from the writer-director Richard Somes (“We Won’t Die Tonight,” “Supremo”) has wrapped production and is beginning sales to the European film market.

“Trigger” (aka “Tokakk”) tells the story of a lonely security guard (played by Arjo Atayde) who was previously fired from the military due to post-traumatic stress disorder. He finds himself embroiled in a different kind of war when a young woman (Julia Montes) seeks protection from a corrupt police death squad. As the couple fight for their lives, the man must face his inner demons to earn redemption.

The film also stars Arjo Atayde (“Cattleya Killer”), Julia Montes (“Brothers”), Sid Lucero (“The End of History”) and Kokoy De Santos (“Game Boy”) and is produced by Wilfredo C. Manalang of Fusee (the company that co-produced Cannes Camera d’Or award winner “Plan 75”), Somes of Strawdog Studio Production, Ria Atayde and Sylvia Sanchez of Nathan Studios and Michaelangelo Masangkay, co-owner of Post Sound in Toronto Maison Théo & Atlas Productions Inc. with Ferdinand Henné.

In addition to his sales role, Toronto-based genre specialist Raven Banner serves as executive producer. Production took place entirely in the Philippines and the film is considered to have Filipino nationality.

Somes also has production design credits on his own “Supremo” and “El Peste,” as well as a trio of nominations for Erik Matti’s “On The Job” and Tikoy Aguiluz’s “Tragic Theatre.”

Other recent films on Raven Banner Berlin’s slate include Andre Sigwalt’s “The Smoke Master”, Tyler Bourns’ “Desert Shadows” and Pablo Pares’ “Pussycake” (aka “Emesis”).

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