Rihanna Addresses Critics After Calling Her Baby Boy 'Fine'

Rihanna Addresses Critics After Calling Her Baby Boy ‘Fine’

Rihanna dismissed the criticism she received online for calling her son “good”.

On Wednesday, the singer topped the charts shared a slideshow Instagram photos of her photoshoot for British Vogue March 2023 issue.

She is featured on the magazine’s cover with her partner, A$AP Rocky, and their nine-month-old son, whose name they have chosen not to publicly disclose.

“My son so well! Idc idc idc!” Rihanna wrote in the caption of the post featuring her adorable baby.

She also shared that she had “no idea” she was also pregnant again when the shooting took place, after confirming that she was expecting her second child after last weekend’s stunning Super Bowl halftime show.

But some commenters were obviously unhappy with Rihanna’s choice of words when she called the little one “good.”

Rihanna performing at the Super Bowl 2023 halftime show last week

Kevin Mazur via Getty Images

“Riri [I know] you didn’t just say ‘good’,” one Instagram user wrote, according to screenshots captured by BuzzFeed.

“OF [As Fuck]”Rihanna said in response, doubling down on her caption.

Another reviewer attempted to correct the Lift Me Up singer in the comments section, writing, “How are you?! Pretty cute, sweet…he’s not a grown man…lol.

“You just keep your little cougar paws away from him, and you’ll be fine!” Rihanna responded, according to BuzzFeed reporting.

Rihanna then apparently shot down another Instagram user who wrote, “Who calls a baby good??”

“His mother!!!” the singer would have answered.

Rihanna has received some support over the issue from fans on social media. Her followers have slammed the Bajan singer’s criticism, saying many Caribbean people often use the word “good” in the same context as the We Found love star.

“Americans, please rest in Jesus name. My God!! She’s Caribbean, in Africa they also say ‘see right boy’ to babies,” one Twitter user said. user wrote. “Stop over-sexualizing everything!!”

In her interview with British Vogue, Rihanna has described her first few months as a mother as “legendary”.

” That’s all. You really don’t remember life before, it’s the craziest thing ever,” she said.

“You’re literally trying to remember it – and there are pictures of my life before – but the feeling, the desires, the things you love, everything, you just don’t relate to it because you don’t relate to it. don’t even mentally allow it to go that far, because…because it doesn’t matter.

Read the full interview with Rihanna in the March issue of British Vogue.

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