this new mystery thriller sounds gripping

this new mystery thriller sounds gripping

There is no such thing as a good whodunnit to keep you glued to your TV screen, is it? Twists of shows like Course of action to the chilling revelations of series like The suspectthe combination of suspense and action provides a truly unique viewing experience.

So when we heard that ITV was adding another thriller to its roster, it’s safe to say we were pretty excited. The six-part ‘mystery thriller’ – titled after the flood – is set to begin filming in the North West of England this month and features a number of exciting names.

If one thing is certain, after the flood is sure to get people talking. Here’s everything we know about the show so far, including its unique (and creepy) premise.

What is ITV after the flood about?

Set in a town hit by (you guessed it) a devastating flood, after the flood follows the story of a detective named PC Joanna Marshall, who is tasked with finding out what happened to an unidentified man who was found dead in an elevator in an underground parking lot.

Police assume he got trapped in the elevator as the floodwaters rose, but as the investigation unfolds, questions begin to arise – and PC Marshall becomes obsessed with the finding out what really happened to him. How did he get in the elevator? And why doesn’t anyone in town seem to know who he is?

As the official synopsis says, “The mystery unfolds throughout the series as we also see the real impact of climate change on the lives of the people of this small town. Floods threaten to reveal secrets, and fortunes and reputations are at stake. But how far will people go to protect themselves?

Who plays in ITV after the flood?

Lorraine Ashbourne
Bridgerton and Lorraine Ashbourne of I Hate Suzie will star as Jo’s mother, Molly.

Peaky Blinders And Mr Jack star Sophie Rundle will play the lead role of PC Joanna Marshall, while Philip Glenister (BelgraviaLife on Mars) will take on the role of a real estate developer named Jack Radcliffe.

They will be joined by Lorraine Ashbourne (Bridgerton, I hate Suzie) as the mother of Jo, Molly and Nicholas Gleaves (The crownThe climblisten)) as Sergeant Phil Mackie, Jo’s boss and “surrogate father figure”.

Rundle’s fiancé Matt Stokoe, who has appeared on shows such as misfits And Bodyguard, will also play Jo’s husband, Pat. Jonah Armstrong (The BayProjectors), who will play a “seemingly heroic” man named Lee, and Jacqueline Boatswain (Carnival Row, Anansi Boys) who will play local politician Sarah Mackie.

What was said about ITV’s After The Flood?

Speaking about the show in a press release announcing its commission, executive producers Nicola Shindler and Richard Fee said they were “immediately drawn” to the show’s premise.

“When Mick Ford brought the core of the idea to After the Flood for us, we were immediately drawn in,” they said. “Not only by the catastrophic repercussions of a deadly environmental disaster in a city that could very well be ours, but also by the subtleties and deception at the heart of the characters’ stories.

“We have a brilliant combination of writing, directing and acting talent on board to bring this series to life and we look forward to working with our partners at ITV and BritBox International as we begin filming.”

Series writer Mick Ford added, “I’m always thrilled to announce a new project, but After the Flood in particular trumps all others because of its ambition and characters. The actors are fantastic and I am delighted with the perfection of each actor for his role.

“ITV was brilliant throughout the writing process which gave us time to create the scripts with care which is rare and brilliant. Also, working with Quay Street Productions for Nicola and Richard is so special – because they and their teams are so special, and I feel so honored. It’s going to be awesome to see everyone step into the story and see it come to life – and then there’s the deluge!

When and where will ITV’s After The Flood be released?

With filming on after the flood Slated to debut this month, we’re crossing our fingers that we can see the show on screens before the end of the year.

When it does arrive, however, we know it will air on ITV1 and ITVX in the UK, and on BritBox internationally.

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