[VIDEO] ‘Superstore’ Reunion: Ben Feldman on ‘American Auto’ Season 2

[VIDEO] ‘Superstore’ Reunion: Ben Feldman on ‘American Auto’ Season 2

“What the hell is that in the white boy?” Cyrus Wonders in Tuesday’s Exclusive TVLine Preview American carin which Hypermarket veterinary Ben Feldman reunites with his former co-star Jon Barinholtz.

In the episode (airing 8:30/7:30 a.m. on NBC), Feldman plays Chase, Wesley’s best friend (played by Barinholtz). Chase’s “ability to spin a thread puts Billy McFarland of the Fyre Festival to shame,” according to the official character description.

“A long time ago, [Superstore and American Auto] creator Justin Spitzer told me about a character from the second season that he thought would be fun for me to play because he’s the polar opposite of the character I played on Hypermarket,” Feldman told TVLine of the guest spot. “I told him I would if he’s embarrassing and obnoxious. Fortunately for all parties involved, Justin is the Shakespeare of embarrassing and obnoxious sitcom characters.

Case in point: In the video above, Wesley introduces his friend to Payne Motors CEO Katherine Hastings and the rest of the team, who have reluctantly agreed to a quick visit from the potentially bogus green energy company of Chase, Sandbox. Chase hopes to get Payne to invest in his business, but given Katherine & Co.’s reaction to his Silicon Valley sibling’s energy – see Cyrus’ response above, or Sadie’s horrified face when Chase says that he used to cheat on Wesley – and that doesn’t look good for Chase.

While his Hypermarket the character Jonah “spent a lot of time tolerating the absolute lunatics around him, Chase”East one of the lunatics,” Feldman says. “It’s a lot more fun to play these characters. You get to watch and be silly. Chase feels like someone who picked on Jonah in high school.

And it’s not just Hypermarket fans who will appreciate the episode: “There is a kind of Silicon Valley crossover here too, because I’m a tech bro, which was a lot like the character I played on that show,” Feldman notes. “The episode is quite meta. Not Meta meta — that would be too meta. Just normal meta.

Press PLAY above to watch the preview, then check out an exclusive preview photo below!

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