April 2023

An unpublished Jeff Beck interview and his 10 favorite guitars (with rare photos) – only in the new Guitar World

Besides Stevie Ray Vaughan (and a few other great people), my favorite guitar players when I was a whippersnapper in the 80s were gents from the 60s.

It embarrassed me sometimes because when I extolled the virtues of Clapton, Page, Hendrix, Mick Taylor and Clarence White, and spent days learning the Bluesbreakers Refuge, To go out And snowy wood note for note, I was often made to feel that I was living in the past.

But I never felt that way when I told people I liked Jeff Beck, because Beck – even though he was just as much a “60s guy” as, say, Dave Davies, Eddie Phillips or Hilton Valentine – always seemed to come from the distant future.

Plus, his style and tone had evolved and changed so drastically over the years since the late ’60s – to the point that absolutely none of the popular ’80s guitarists my friends adored had anything on Beck .

He was timeless, a guitarist without “a decade” strapped to his ankle like a millstone.

All of which brings me to the last issue of guitar worldwhich is – as you’ve probably already guessed – dedicated to Beck, who died on January 10 at the age of 78. The number includes:

>>> Farewell to the Guv’nor: Alan di Perna bids farewell to Beck, whom he was fortunate enough to have interviewed many times over the decades. It even begins with a rather personal encounter at the Drake Hotel in New York in 1999…

>>> Emotion and restlessness: Guitar stars from all eras pay exclusive tributes to Beck including Joe Perry, Steve Vai, Paul Gilbert, Ace Frehley, KK Downing, Phil Collen, Zakk Wylde, Buzz Osborne, Jennifer Batten, Jackie Venson, Bruce Kulick and many more.

>>> Heart full of soul: In this candid, truthful and never-before-seen interview, Beck reveals the blues behind his 1999 comeback album, Who else!

>>>Guitar store: A closer look at 10 of Beck’s most important and personal favorite guitars throughout his career – with exclusive photos and information.

>>> Deep impact: A look at often overlooked recordings that reveal Beck’s genius and vision.

>>> Shapes of things: Four guitar tricks you can learn from Beck’s flourishing late-’60s style (aka his Les Paul era) – complete with tabs and video.

This number is available Here Now (opens in a new tab).

(Image credit: David Redfern/Redferns/Getty Images)

Elsewhere in this issue…

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