Ellen Barkin at Animal Kingdom premiere

Ellen Barkin Alleges ‘Sea of Love’ Director Ripped Off Her Merkin

Barkin recalled his stage partner being “terrified” after the encounter.

Ellen Barkin talks about a difficult experience with the director Harold Becker.

The ‘Poker Face’ star recalled a particular scene that was ‘very difficult’ for a neo-noir movie”sea ​​of ​​lovedirected by Becker, which involved her being completely naked except for a merkin, which is a loincloth garment made to resemble a pubic region. Merkin alleges that Becker forcibly removed his merkin during production.

“What was I going to do when [director] Harold Becker on ‘Sea of ​​Love’ walks up and literally rips off my merkin, taking pubic hair with him and saying, ‘Why do you need that? Nobody’s watching you?” Barkin said Huffington Post.

Barkin noted that his “Sea of ​​Love” scene partner was “terrified” after the encounter. Her love scene was filmed with Al Pacino.

“It’s what [the industry’s] like,” Barkin added. “And I had an easy time with that, believe me.”

Her role in TNT’s “Animal Kingdom” also came with its own gender-based conflict.

“I wanted out,” Barkin said. “They didn’t kill me. I had been asking to leave for four years. It was not a pleasant place to work. »

Barkin alleged that her character had become underdeveloped, with a young actress being brought in to play the role.

“You mean the disrespectful treatment of women? On my show, there’s a younger me,” Barkin said. “Oh, what is it?”

She added of the on-set culture, “My head just spun. I was like, ‘What’s going on here?’ Men used to come into my trailer and yell at me. How is? With me pushing them out the door saying, “Get out of my trailer.” It was like that for me to go to work. »

Still, “it was some of the best work I’ve ever done,” she added.

But the culture wasn’t worth it: “I was like, ‘Wow, I hate these men,'” Barkin summed up. “Most of them were like little boys.

Barkin previously revealed she had an inappropriate encounter with controversial director Terry Gilliam in an elevator.

“My hard-earned advice: never get in an elevator alone with Terry Gilliam”, Barkin tweeted in 2018.

She later added in 2020, “What’s going on with Terry Gilliam? And who is supporting his anti-survivor press tour? Perfectly synchronized with the Weinstein trial. Now, why would a man have such antagonism towards victims of sexual assault? I think that man protests way too damn much, because I know that.

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