'Even Trump, He'll Say Anything – They're Hedging It' (Video)

‘Even Trump, He’ll Say Anything – They’re Hedging It’ (Video)

Kelly Clarkson and Jane Lynch both believe in aliens, and at this point they’re pretty sure the government knows it’s true, but is hiding their existence from the public.

Lynch thinks that’s especially true, given twice-impeached former President Donald Trump, who “will say anything” has even skirted the subject.

In a preview of “The Kelly Clarkson Show” that aired Tuesday, Lynch sat down with Clarkson and, knowing they’re both into the idea of ​​extraterrestrials, Clarkson asked her about unidentified flying objects. shot down over US airspace recently.

“Well, here’s the deal, someone showed a video of Trump, Clinton, Obama, asking them, ‘What about aliens?’ in different interviews, and they’re all like, ‘Well…’ – they cover it!” Lynch replied “Even Trump, who is like [babbling noise], he will say anything. They cover it. So they know something. There is something there.

Clarkson agreed that “there’s definitely something out there,” if only because the universe is so vast. Clarkson and Lynch agreed that it is arrogant to believe that Earth is the only home of intelligent life in the entire universe.

“Of course humanity is like, ‘We’re the only ones,'” Clarkson quipped. “I’m like, it’s so self-centered.”

Lynch added that this arrogance is definitely a human thing, and joked that if there’s extraterrestrial life out there, “they’re all looking at us, laughing and crying at the same time.”

You can watch the full segment of “The Kelly Clarkson Show” in the video above.

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