The Best Budget Wireless Earbuds of 2023

The Best Budget Wireless Earbuds of 2023


Second-generation AirPods Pro are perhaps the most popular wireless headphones out there, but like all sought-after tech, they cost a pretty penny. Not everyone can afford it or, for some of us, afford to lose another pair.

Luckily, the smart tech features we love with premium headphones are now commonplace in the headphone market, and yes, even in the case of budget items. Some inexpensive wireless headphones offer active noise cancellation and direct listening while delivering crisp, clear sound. If you’re looking for new wireless earbuds that won’t break the bank, consider one of these pairs that are a third of the best price from the big brand on the market.

We’ve got you covered when it comes to sweet ear candy. Check out our picks for the best wireless headphones, Bluetooth speakersAnd tower speakers.

The best budget wireless headphones

  • 1

    Best overall

    Ear Fun Air Pro 2

    $70 on Amazon

    Learn more

  • 2

    Elite 3 wireless headphones

    Better madness

    Jabra Elite 3 wireless headphones

    Learn more

  • 3

    Anker Life P2i Wireless Earbuds

    The most affordable

    Soundcore Anker Life P2i Wireless Headphones

    Learn more

  • 4

    Anker Life P3 Wireless Earbuds

    Best bass

    Soundcore Anker Life P3 Wireless Headphones

    Learn more

  • 5

    Anker Sport X10 Wireless Earbuds

    Ideal for training

    Soundcore Anker Sport X10 Wireless Earbuds

    Learn more

What to consider


Yesou shouldn’t expect incredible quality from the cheapest headphones on the market. Suspicious low-priced products often rely on poorly made parts that break easily, resulting in products that stop working just weeks after purchase. Look for items made by reputable budget brands, such as Soundcore and Skull Candy, when shopping for value-for-money headphones. We don’t recommend buying headphones for less than $30 unless you’re just replacing them ASAP.

Driver size

The part of a speaker that vibrates to produce sound is called a diaphragm, and a measurement of the speaker’s diameter indicates its size. Theoretically, larger driver sizes produce louder sound, but this is not always the case, as driver quality varies from version to version. A well-built 11mm driver, for example, can be much louder than a poorly-built 15mm driver. Driver sizes for headphones are usually between 6 and 15mm. If you’re looking for louder sound, go for larger speaker sizes, but note that things like build quality and the position of the speaker in your ear can affect overall volume.


The quality of your headphones Bluetooth The connection depends on the version it is running. The latest iteration is Bluetooth 5.3, released in 2021, which adds a more stable connection to devices as well as a faster pairing rate. Headphones capable of a Bluetooth 5.3 connection transmit audio the fastest.

Water resistance

Essential for working out or commuting in the rain, the water-resistant headphones protect against electrical damage from liquids. THE protection sign indicates the level of protection of an electrical device against dust and water. IP ratings consist of two numbers, the first representing protection against dust and solids and the second liquids. The higher the number, the better the protection, with zero meaning no protection and six meaning full protection.

Most wireless headphones have an IPX4 rating, lack dust protection, and are resistant to light sweat or splashes of water. If you work out and sweat, look for devices with an IP rating of at least IPX5, which are resistant to light rain and water.

How we rated

We’ve found the best budget wireless headphones on the market by looking at dozens of recommendations from sites like CNN underlined, IGNAnd technical radar. We also consulted our own buying guides for headphones and earbuds and considered all the budget choices to include. We’ve scoured hundreds of products from major retailers and read even more user reviews, using our experiences with budget earbuds to steer clear of anything badly made. This guide includes products from the most trusted and reputable budget brands with an eye on quality, value, features, and more.

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