Pink Felt 'Protective' of Britney Spears After Meeting Her Parents

Pink Felt ‘Protective’ of Britney Spears After Meeting Her Parents

  • P!nk said she felt “protective” of Britney Spears after “seeing who her team was and meeting her parents.”
  • She told People that despite lyrics mentioning Spears in one song, “I’ve been very supportive of Britney’s life.”
  • Spears was placed under a 13-year conservatorship by her father which ended in November 2021.

In a new interview with People Editor Jeff Nelson, singer P!nk (whose legal name is Alecia Moore) said she felt “protective” of Britney Spears, especially after “meeting her parents.”

In an interview promoting his new album “Trustfall”, P!nk reflected on making a Pepsi advertisement featuring SpearsBeyoncĂ© and Enrique Iglesias for the Super Bowl in 2004.

“I always felt like a big sister to her, even though people think that line on ‘Don’t Let Me Get Me’ was going after Britney Spears. In fact, I was very supportive of her life. Britney.”

P!nk was referring to the lyrics of his hit single from his 2001 album “Missundaztood”. In the song, she sings, “Tired of being compared to that damn Britney Spears/She’s so pretty/That ain’t me.”

“She was always carrying one of my CDs,” P!nk continued in the interview. “I’m very protective of her and she’s the nicest person in the world… It kind of solidified my protector like a big sister thing was being with her at the time and see who his team was and meet his parents.”

P!nk’s eyes widened as she spoke, but she didn’t elaborate. “I love this girl,” she concluded.

Spears’ father, Jamie Spears, placed the singer in legal guardianship for 13 years from 2008. It was terminated by a judge in November 2021.

“I lied and told the world that I’m fine and happy,” Spears said. “It’s a lie. … I’ve been in denial. I’ve been in shock. I’m traumatized,” Spears said of the legal settlement in open court in June 2021, according to a court transcript posted by Insider’s Matthew Loh.

“I’m not lying. I just want my life back,” Spears also said during court testimony. She described elements of her life, such as her health and drinking habits, being controlled by her father.

P!nk’s “Trustfall” album is available now.

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