Tom Brady left the door open for a comeback

Tom Brady left the door open for a comeback

TAMPA, FLORIDA – NOVEMBER 22: Tom Brady Tampa Bay Buccaneers number 12 reacts after running for a first down in the first quarter of the game against the New York Giants at Raymond James Stadium on November 22, 2021 in Tampa, Florida. (Photo by Julio Aguilar/Getty Images)

Tom BradyThe NFL’s first retirement lasted only 40 days before he announced his intention to return for a 23rd season. So it’s hard to blame anyone who’s skeptical that they’ll actually stay committed to retirement this time around.

The seven-time Super Bowl champion announced his retirement again on February 1. Only time will tell if the future Hall of Famer actually remains retired, but speculation of (another) return to football is certainly not going away anytime soon. .

NFL insider Ben Volin from The Boston Globe explained that Brady is keeping the door open for a potential return to the grill in 2023:

“Tom Brady announced his retirement for the second time this month, and even filed retirement papers with the NFL. Except the retirement papers are a token gesture that means nothing. And all the other actions de Brady suggest he keeps his options open to play in 2023.

Brady first learned that he wouldn’t start his broadcast career at Fox until 2024. Then came what Brady didn’t do: sign a new contract with the Buccaneers to relieve them of the 35.1 salary cap millions of dollars. leaves for 2023. Brady could easily help the Buccaneers by signing a contract worth minimum wage, waiting to retire after June 1, and spreading the $35 million over several years…

It’s possible the Buccaneers want it that way, so they can take all of their forfeits this year and be ready to go in 2024. More likely, it looks like Brady is leaving his options open, just in case he decides he wants to play again…

I do not rule out his return before the start of the season in September.

Volin is certainly not the only person who thinks Brady could return to football in 2023. The 46-year-old showed few signs of slowing down last season, throwing for 4,694 yards and 25 touchdowns to just nine interceptions.

Although the Buccaneers struggled on defense, on the offensive line and in the running game, Brady did enough to lead the franchise to its second consecutive NFC South Division Championship. With a solid supporting cast around him, the league’s three-time MVP could make a difference somewhere.

Brady remains retired for the time being. But as Volin notes, it will be easier to completely rule out a potential comeback if Brady is still retired when kick-off in September.

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