12 Awesome Tuner Cars That Won't Break The Bank

12 Awesome Tuner Cars That Won’t Break The Bank

As the only modern company to build and market the Wankel rotary engine, Mazda has always been a bit of an outlier. Still, the RX-8 and its predecessor, the RX-7, are popular with niche tuners who can work magic with wishbones. It takes dedication and fanaticism to want to take on a rotary engine as a project. But when you’re right, there’s nothing like it. The RX-8 is the successor to the popular RX-7 and is today the only rotary sports car that can be easily and affordably obtained. But once you have it, the after-sales support remains solid.

With no valves and camshafts, the focus of tuning a rotary engine is to squeeze as much air and fuel into the engine as possible. The best upgrades for an RX-8 include an upgraded intake, exhaust and ignition system in conjunction with an ECU flash. A simple and affordable way to improve handling is to install a coilover set, because the RX-8 shines when pushed through corners. Additionally, online retailers such as Mazdatrix And racing beat specialize in rotary performance and include many guides for upgrades and installation.

The RX-8 is a car that could become a future classic with high auction values, but that hasn’t happened yet and they can be had at an affordable price. With the exception of extraordinarily well-preserved cars, used RX-8 models can be easily found for between $5,000 and $10,000.

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