Jasper AI: How to use the ChatGPT alternative now

Jasper AI: How to use the ChatGPT alternative now

Jasper AI is powerful news alternative to ChatGPT which offers fast and generative text without waiting list. You probably haven’t heard of Jasper AI, originally known as Jarvis AI, until Marvel challenged the name which conflicted with Iron Man’s AI sidekick.

Even with the name change, Jasper AI will still help you manage your emails, blogs, social media posts, and more. with AI insights and writing help. Whether ChatGPT isn’t right for you, Jasper AI may be the perfect solution.

What is AI Jasper?

Jasper AI is a software development company founded in 2020 and based in Austin, Texas. Startup Y Combinator launched its new Jasper Chat feature on December 20, 2022, riding the wave of excitement created by OpenAI with ChatGPT.

Jasper AI

Although Jasper Chat is publicly available, it is not free for continued use. A trial of the Generative Text Assistant only lasts five days. This makes it less appealing for occasional use. Jasper AI is clearly aimed at business users, including enterprises, small businesses, content creators, and freelancers.

When you start the free trial, you’re greeted with a message about unlocking team productivity and generating SEO-optimized original content. If your business involves words, this pitch is for you. Note that you must enter your payment information before testing Jasper Chat.

Jasper AI also has a image generator, similar to Dall-E, called Jasper Art. With these two wizards, a huge amount of content can be created quickly. Jasper Art also includes a five-day free trial.

How much does Jasper cost?

Unlike ChatGPT, you cannot continue using Jasper Chat for free. After the trial ends, you need to subscribe. The cost starts at $60 per month, or $50 per month if you commit to an annual subscription. That’s a hefty price tag for consumers, but it can make sense in a business budget if you regularly create multiple documents, blog posts, ads, and emails daily.

You can use Jasper Chat to generate up to 50,000 words each month at the starting price, or around 2,500 words per day. This equates to producing a prolific professional writer, which would cost a lot more to have staff.

You can start with more words, but if you have the minimum plan and go over it, you’ll automatically be upgraded (and charged more), so there’s no need to select the more expensive options. There’s also a business plan that lets a team of five people collaborate and customize AI with a branded voice.

Naturally, any AI-generated content must be reviewed by a human before it is used for your business. Publish the type of confident nonsense an AI spits on occasion could be disastrous. In most cases, the AI ​​text only needs a few fixes, as long as you’re not adept at the details.

For Jasper Artthe monthly fee is $20 per month or $200 per year and currently allows unlimited image generation.

Jasper Chat vs. ChatGPT

The OpenAI and Jasper AI logos appear on a purple background,

The inevitable question is: how does Jasper Chat compare to ChatGPT? Both are based on Generative Pre-trainer Transformer (GPT) language models. Jasper AI and OpenAI each use GPT-3.5, but the results you get will vary.

While ChatGPT currently focuses on research and offers a free tier, Jasper Chat is meant to be productive and has access to current information. At $60 a month, Jasper would face a tough challenge if he tried to compete with ChatGPT, which recently launched a quick access plan called ChatGPT Plus for $20 per month. Bing Chat is free, but access is limited.

Jasper AI emphasizes that OpenAI is a partner, not a competitor. While ChatGPT uses a generic version of a large language model, Jasper AI adapts it to specific use cases that meet business needs. Jasper AI’s website claims that its AI has already processed 10% of the Internet. This gives him a good understanding of how humans write and knowledge of several languages. Input can be provided in 24 languages ​​and output is possible in 31 languages, making it useful for translation as well as writing.

With either generative text tool, you need to verify the results, as both can include wrong answers in a document and will write as if those details are known to be true. You shouldn’t expect perfect accuracy from an AI just yet.

Jasper AI has also developed a Chrome extension which allows you to use Jasper Chat in your browser. A Jasper AI logo appears in any text field, webmail, social networking site, or online document. With a click on the logo, Jasper Chat opens a window for quick access to writing help.

Since Jasper Chat is a paid service, customer support and training are part of the package. This means you don’t need to be an expert in AI prompts to start leveraging your subscription. If you get stuck, you can contact support, and based on the overwhelmingly positive reviews, Jasper AI must be taking good care of its customers.

Which companies use Jasper?

Jasper AI boasts that its technology is used by over 100,000 teams worldwide, with several big names standing out on the list. For example, tech giants like Google, Intel, IBM, Zoom, and Airbnb have used Jasper. Sports Illustrated, Harper Collins, Experian, ReMax, and Mayo Clinic logos also appear on Jasper AI’s extensive drop-down list of customers on the Jasper AI website.

The AI ​​art and text generator is highly rated, averaging 4.7 stars or more on three leading peer-reviewed websites: trusted driver, CapterraAnd G2.

Can you write a book with Jasper?

This book was written with the help of Jasper AI.
Elizabeth Marrick (Author), Zach James (Author)

You might be surprised to learn that several books have already been written with Jasper. Jasper AI’s blog even offers a guide to writing a book in just seven days. Examples include the 4.4 out of 5 star Amazon book, “Writing with the AI ​​Step-by-Step Guide“, the 4 stars”Subscription Secrets: The Fast Track to the Subscription Economy“, and the 5 stars”Leads For Lemonade Stands: Beginners [sic] handbook for paid lead generation.”

All are available as Kindle eBooks, and some have paperback versions. None will make The Times bestseller list, as they are all informative guides, not novels. Any book would generate minimal income, but if you could produce a new book every week, it might start to add up. So far, books written with the help of Jasper AI have received only a few reviews, and most readers seem happy with the content.

Jasper AI is just getting started and has received over $100 million in funding to continue growing and improving. It will be interesting to see what is possible in the future and whether generative text can solve its problems with precision.

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