Best kitchen gadgets 2023: Almond Cow, air fryers, and more

Best kitchen gadgets 2023: Almond Cow, air fryers, and more

How we tested

We tested every kitchen gadget on this list, and each was chosen for testing because it had more than four stars and was from brands that are well-known for making high-end kitchen gadgets for both. experienced and novice chefs.

Some factors we considered when testing were:

Ease of use and learning curve: Kitchen gadgets can seem overwhelming, especially for newbie chefs. We tested a variety of kitchen tools, from non-dairy milk makers to smartphone-controlled Instant Pots to see how easy or difficult they were to use and the quality of food or drink they produced.

Best for its money: We compared products from several categories to see if we thought they offered good value for money.

Freshness factor: When testing these gadgets, we looked at whether or not the products actually did something new — or better than — what’s already on the market.

You’ll notice that this roundup is made up of reviews previously posted on Mashable. If you would like to learn more about any of the products that have already been featured on our site, click on the review link in the product sheets to access the full description.

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