Is The Movie On Netflix, HBO Max, Or Peacock?

Is The Movie On Netflix, HBO Max, Or Peacock?

Picture this: a plane carrying huge amounts of cocaine crashes in the middle of a Georgian forest. Then, a 500-pound black bear consumes everything, setting the animal on a rampage and forcing a random group of strangers – cops, criminals, tourists and teenagers – to gather in a desperate attempt to save themselves. It’s the stranger-than-fiction story that comes to the big screen in the appropriately titled comedy thriller, Cocaine bear.

In theaters February 24, 2023, the Elizabeth Banks– the film made is vaguely inspired by real events this happened in 1985. Spoiler alert: in real life, the bear (nicknamed “Pablo Eskobear”) died of a cocaine overdose before he could terrorize anyone, and was eventually stuffed and exposed at a mall in Kentucky. In an interview with The Guardian, the medical examiner who performed the bear’s autopsy said its stomach was “literally filled to the brim with cocaine”. He added: “There is not a mammal on the planet that could survive this.”

It is worth noting that cocaine bear features late Ray Liotta in one of his last big-screen roles, along with Keri Russell, Jesse Tyler Ferguson and O’Shea Jackson Jr. Did any of them outshine the bear? You’ll have to watch the movie to decide.

But not everyone wants to head to the theater to catch a new movie – sometimes it’s better to tune in from their couch. Below is how to stream cocaine bear.

East cocaine bear Available to stream?

At present, cocaine bear is exclusively available in theaters. However, it will not be Also long until the movie hits a streaming service.

From cocaine bear is a Universal Pictures movie, it’s likely to land on Peacock just months after its theatrical release. Due to Universal’s licensing agreement with Amazon, cocaine bear will eventually land on Prime Video as well.

What the critics say cocaine bear?

The general consensus of critics seems to be that cocaine bear doesn’t quite live up to the trailer, but it’s still entertaining and guaranteed to make you laugh. VarietyOwen Gleiberman compared his exaggerated script to that of 2006 Snakes on a plane, For the best or for the worst. “Is the film good? No. Is it bad? Not enough. Is it ridiculous in a cheeky and flamboyant enough way to be a gonzo delight? Only if you set the bar low enough expecting what you’re going to see, in which case the power of suggestion might trick you into thinking you are,” he wrote. “The line on cocaine bear is it so crazy, so horribly absurd, so WTF-we-watch? (at the screening I attended, someone literally yelled, “What the fuck is this movie?”) that it’s anything but irresistible. You have to go on opening weekend! And submit to madness!

The Hollywood Reporter‘s Lovia Gyarkye enjoyed the film, noting that it shouldn’t be taken too seriously. “An appetite for body horror is a prerequisite for fully appreciating the absurdity of the pain and torture inflicted on the people in the film: the chorus of shrill screams, the limbs flying towards the camera, the skin tearing like leather – you get the picture,” she writes. “Banks and Warden take immense and infectious joy in crafting these scenarios, increasing the ridiculousness of flying with our nerves. One minute you’re giggling a zingy one-liner, the next you’re mumbling ‘what the f*ck’ under your breath.

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