A Timeline Of The Drama Surrounding Meghan Markle And Her Sister Samantha

A Timeline Of The Drama Surrounding Meghan Markle And Her Sister Samantha

The big day was fast approaching and the guest list for the royal wedding was made public. Notably, Samantha Markle didn’t make the cut. When it became clear she wouldn’t be at Westminster Abbey alongside world nobility, she nearly lost it on social media.

Meghan Markle and Prince Harry had a guest list of around 600 people who would actually be in the Abbey for the ceremony which was held at Windsor Castle. For their reception, around 2,500 guests would be included – it should be noted that royal weddings are not just personal celebrations, but often state events, which means politicians, military and other guests of high level attend the wedding. However, that wasn’t enough for Samantha, who pointed out on social media that hardly anyone from the Markle side of the family would be there – Doria Ragland, of course, would be in attendance and Meghan’s father was initially going to be there as well. (but that’s a whole other story).

“Out of respect and humanitarianism, the Markles should be invited if 2,000 complete strangers are,” Samantha tweeted at the time (via the Mirror), targeting Meghan and Harry and their exclusion of California-based parents. “Our uncle, brother, me, 30-year-old best friend, nephews. It’s not about closeness. Family is family [sic],” she continued.

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