Will the Bomb Squad be defused by CTE safety concerns?

Will the Bomb Squad be defused by CTE safety concerns?

Alix Popham, a former Welsh professional rugby player, spoke to The Economist for a podcast on chronic traumatic encephalopathy (ETC) which is a brain condition believed to be linked to repeated head trauma and blows to the head.

He noted that bringing big freshmen, such as the Springboks’ “Bomb Squad,” onto the pitch to battle tired bodies may increase the risks to players’ long-term brain health.

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American football and soccer, boxing, ice hockey, rugby and all other sports where participants are at risk of head injury are currently under investigation. It is only after retirement that athletes are diagnosed with chronic traumatic encephalopathy. How many head injuries are too many? Nobody knows yet. Maybe even a concussion can be problematic.

The Mayo Clinic Notes. “Some signs and symptoms of CTE are thought to include difficulties with thinking (cognition) and emotions, physical problems and other behaviors. These are thought to develop years or even decades after a head injury.

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Is the Bomb Squad dangerous?

Alix Popham thinks they might be. Substitutions are for injuries. Rather than a combination of strategy and injury. This would allow players to play at an even energy level throughout the match.

He checked the name of the Springboks whose Bomb Squad, a legal and strategic plan, can have unforeseen long-term health consequences.

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Other changes?

Debates constantly rage over safer alternatives. Significantly, the lowering of the tackle height was a change. First, is the recommended height the goal? Second, do players and referees need a visual representation of when a tackle is legal? Next, should world rugby make decisions more objective and limit confusion by adding lines to kits?

Additionally, many leagues are trying to find beneficial and risk-reducing rule changes. Could banning the Bomb Squad be one of them?


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